Running with Speed

Running with Speed: The Fastest Gamers on Earth

The Definitive Speedrunning Documentary

narrated by SUMMONING SALT

2023 · Documentary · 146 MIN

Synopsis: Narrated by internet legend and video game historian Summoning Salt and filmed across the United States and in Japan, the documentary follows a niche community of gamers whose passion, generosity and determination have won over millions of fans across the globe.

Cast and Crew: Running with Speed is directed by Patrick Lope (MTV’s True Life) and Nicholas Mross (The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin), and in addition to narration by Summoning Salt features interviews with renowned speedrunners and gaming personalities including David Hunt (GrandPooBear), Mitch Fowler (Mitchflowerpower), Allan Alvarez (Cheese), Zoast, Andrew Gardikis (AndrewG), Narcissa Wright, Mason Cramer (GlitchCat7), Sinister1, Brandon Jacobson (Oatsngoats), Asa Tims (Spikevegeta), ZFG, Mike Uyama, YellowKillerBee and more.

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