Where to Watch ‘Rumors’

2024 · TV Series · Drama · LGBTQ+ · 5 Episodes

Directed By: Matthew Vieira

Written By: Nicole Vernarec

Produced By: Kira Reed Lorsch & Matthew Vieira

Starring: Nicole Vernarec, Ashley St. George, Jodi Moore Lewis, Kira Reed Lorsch, Cheyenne Rae Hernandez and Andy Cohen

Synopsis: New arrival, Kat, meets LA native, Lindsey, at an audition, and they find themselves becoming fast friends. Soon Lindsey invites Kat to her acting class – something Lindsey soon regrets when the acting teacher, Ellen, takes a liking to Kat and Lindsey begins to fear she’s being replaced. Her fear only grows when she realizes Ellen’s assistant, Trina, and Kat are developing feelings for each other. Feeling like she is losing her spotlight, Lindsey sets out to destroy Kat’s reputation and secure her place at the top once and for all.