Logline: PURE O is about a rehab counselor who questions his sanity when he is diagnosed with a crippling form of OCD known as Pure Obsessional. With the help of his friends, a therapy group, and his addiction recovery clients, he discovers the life-affirming power of community to fight through the darkest moment of his life.

2024 · Drama · 118 MIN

Written & Directed by
Dillon Tucker

Produced by
Ricky Fosheim
Dillon Tucker
Allison Bryant
Ray Lee

Executive Producers

Jay Burnley

Stephan Paternot

Jeremy Walton

David Lyons


Daniel Dorr

Hope Lauren

Landry Bender

Jeffery A. Baker

Candice Renee

Breon Gorman

Timothy Landfield

Isaac Nippert

Devon Martinez

Clint James

Synopsis: Cooper Ganz’s seemingly perfect life quickly unravels when he is diagnosed with a crippling form of OCD called Pure Obsessional. This often-misunderstood illness forces him to question his identity and sanity, all while trying to keep it together for his fiancé, family, and co-workers. As he struggles to accept his disease, and the vulnerability that comes along with it, his world starts to open up. The addiction recovery clients he works with at a high-end Malibu drug rehab center return the favor and help Cooper through his darkest hour. Throughout his personal journey, he must help himself and others tackle a litany of universal issues – grief, coming-of-age, addiction, redemption and the power of social connection.

Inspired by the filmmaker’s own true story.