2023 · Holiday · Comedy · Romance · 86 MIN

Directed by Leanna Adams, Kristina Arjona

Written by Leanna Adams

A middle-aged child star escapes to her sister’s empty house for the holidays, but finds an injured stunt man dog-sitting and she wants him out asap.

Synopsis: A middle-aged child star, passed over for her comeback role, goes to her sister’s house to hide out, but when she discovers an injured stuntman, dog-sitting for the holidays, she’ll have to help him win back his ex to get him outta the house before Christmas.

Starring: Leanna Adams (The Worst Couple, The Drunks), Tyler Buckingham (Doom Patrol, Black Lightning), Steve Coulter (Oppenheimer, She-Hulk), Lauren Richards (Doom Patrol, Venom), Ashlee Heath (The Internship, First Wives Club)