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2024 · Drama · Comedy · 101 MIN

Directed and Written by Martin Kazsubowski

Produced by KP Kaszubowski


Joshua Koopman

Julie Pope

Amanda Platt

Chloe Skoczen

Synopsis: In this comedy of errors, a hopeless independent theatre owner Michael Wagner (Joshua Koopman) faces skyrocketing rent bumps and decides to take a “screw it” approach to the end of his dream life. Before breaking the bad news to his troupe, he mounts a play called “Cat War” which was written on a dare and definitely was never meant to have an audience. Much to his surprise, the play is a hit! However, this new “strategy” creates a whole new set of challenges. With his entire company working around the clock to put on “joke plays” and Michael’s ego running wild with the corrupting agent of small-town fame, this colorful cast of characters implode on one another.